Invitation to present research findings
During the first day of the conference we wish to draw a map of the on-going research in the cancer field in Denmark. We invite all those interested to send in abstracts on research projects, clinical trials or other research activities related to cancer in order to make their mark on the map.

It is not a requirement that the data are presented for the first time at the conference, but we encourage original findings. We expect the posters to be available all day during 29th of August as there will be a poster viewing session in the afternoon. In addition, selected abstract submitters will be given the possibility to present their research from stage in one of the sessions.

Poster awards
Two poster awards of each DKK 5000 are given to the best two posters on Friday, August 30th. On Thursday, the poster-committee will review at the posters and listen to selected presentations. The awards are given on the basis of academic content and how clearly the message is presented and visually communicated.

Presentation from stage
Selected abstract submitters will be given the opportunity to present their research on stage during the conference. The presentation can be made in either Danish or English.
After the submission deadline, the poster-committee selects a number of submitters to prepare a short video presentation of the abstract. From these video presentations the poster-committee selects a number of participants to present their research on stage.

Further information on the process will be sent directly to the selected submitters.
The criteria for selection are originality, scientific quality and cancer relevance.

Formal requirements

We call for abstracts within the entire cancer field.
The categories in the form are as follows, please chose the most fitting category.

• Personalised medicine, biomarkers and diagnostics
• Clinical trials (actively including protocols)
• Emerging treatments
• Treatment morbidity and late effects
• Patient involvement
• Palliation, psychosocial support
• Clinical epidemiology and database research
• Organisation of cancer treatment and care
• Other

Abstract submission
Please submit the abstract through the link below.

It is not an option to save the content whilst working in the form, so please prepare all information prior to filling in the form.
Please be very careful to ensure that all information, spellings, titles etc. are correct as the text will be used to generate an electronic abstract book for all participants at Danish Cancer Research Days.

The form is structured as shown below
Abstract titel: Max 250 characters.
Category: Choose only one of the given categories. If you choose the category "Clinical Trials", please list NCT-number and DMCG-affiliation in the abstract text.
Presenting author: Please enter your full name: first name, middle name astractsnd surname: e.g. Peter Sindbjerg Petersen.
Presenting author's email: Only one abstract is allowed per presenting author. Please enter the address where we can best reach you.
Presenting author's affiliation: Department, Institution.
Authors and affiliation: List all authors with last name followed by initials followed by department and institution (e.g. Pedersen, P.S., Department of Nuclear Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital).
Abstract text: Please structure as follows, and please include these headlines in the text:
Introduction| Materials & Methods| Results| Conclusions.
Max 2000 characters.
It is NOT possible to upload tables or figures.

The person submitting the abstract is responsible for presenting the poster. Only one abstract per presenting author is permitted. Abstracts and posters can be made and presented in either Danish or English according to your preference. The majority of the additional presentations at the conference will be in Danish.

We request that you submit your abstract through the link above no later than May 1st, 2019.
Information on whether your abstract has been accepted for the poster session will be sent to the listed e-mail address by the end of May, 2019. Hereafter, we will send further information about the poster session.
Separate information will be sent to those who will be asked to submit a video presentation.
Registration for the conference
Registration for the conference opens mid May on and and ends late June. Presenting authors are expected to register for the conference before the deadline. Please note that submitting an abstract is not a registration for the conference.

Questions are welcome at
At and you will also find a FAQ.