Date: 2 - 3 May 2023
Milling Park hotel, Middelfart
Organiser: Rasmus Lübeck Christiansen, Lone Hoffmann, Kenneth Jensen, Simon Nyberg Thomsen and Isak Wahlstedt (DCCC Radiotherapy – The Danish National Research Center)
Registration: coming soon

Meet in an interdisciplinary forum and explore differences in dose accumulation for re-irradiation and for plan adaptation between Danish hospitals and to discuss best practices.

Before the workshop, each hospital will get one head and neck case for re-irradiation and one lung case for offline plan adaptation. Before the meeting, we will ask all participants how they perform these tasks. We will compare both methodology and results for both cases and discuss pros and cons of each method. Furthermore, we will report from ESTRO’s re-irradiation workshop in the fall of 2022 and external speakers will give their input.

Information about registration and full programme to follow.