The purpose of DCCC is to create optimal conditions for Danish cancer research by promoting cooperation and coordination of cancer research as well as increasing access to international funding and partnerships. In addition, the centre will help to spread new knowledge and new treatment methods faster and more systematically across the country, thus shortening the path from research to clinical practice. In this way, DCCC contributes to optimise cancer treatment in Denmark.

DCCC gathers management and professional capacities within cancer and healthcare in Denmark in a national centre for cancer research and treatment and is organised with a Governance Board, a Steering Committee and a Scientific Council. The national Secretariat for DCCC is located in Aarhus.

The Governance Board consists of the five region chief executives within the area of health. The regions are responsible for hospitals, including emergency care, psychiatry, and health services provided by general practitioners and privately practicing specialists. The Board is authorised to make national decisions in the area of health in Denmark and the Board is the top decision-making authority in DCCC.

The Steering Committee in DCCC is responsible for the running of the centre and consists of representatives from the corporate management level in the Danish regions, the university hospitals, the universities and the Director General of the Danish Health Authority. The representatives have been appointed to the Steering Committee of DCCC because of their high professional knowledge and overview within the field of cancer. The Steering Committee is headed by Anne Bukh, DMSc, CEO Health Care in North Denmark Region.

The members of the Scientific Council in DCCC are appointed by the Governance Board on the basis of their specialist knowledge within the field of cancer and their extensive national and international networks. They advise the Board of DCCC on scientific and patient-related issues. Moreover, the Scientific Council is the driver for new regional and national initiatives to promote Danish research, prevention and treatment within the field of cancer.

DCCC involves and cooperates with relevant stakeholders including the Danish Health Authorities, regions, hospitals, universities and organisations.

The Danish Cancer Plan 

The establishment of the Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC) is a part of the Danish government Cancer Action Plan IV.

In recent years, a number of national cancer plans have been launched in Denmark; in 2016, Cancer Plan IV was launched. The Danish Government has allocated a total of 1.5 billion DKK over a 4-year period for a number of initiatives within the field of cancer.

Further information about the Danish healthcare system in general and cancer pathways and national cancer plans in particular, please visit Danish Health Authority at and Ministry of Health at