The Steering Committee in DCCC is responsible for the running of the centre and consists of representatives from the corporate management level in the Danish regions, the university hospitals, the universities and the Director General of the Danish Health Authority. The representatives have been appointed to the Steering Committee of DCCC because of their high professional knowledge and overview within the field of cancer. The Committee is responsible for managing DCCC, as well as accept and initiate initiatives supporting DCCC's objectives. Members of the Steering Committee are appointed for a four-year period.

The role of the Steering Committee is:

  • To appoint strategic fields of development in research, education, recruitment, diagnosis, and treatment etc.
  • To create and develop new knowledge environments and networks across hospitals and universities
  • To facilitate national diffusion and testing of clinical trials, not yet standardised.
  • To make national decisions on evidence based, national guidelines – unless these decisions in its nature can be decided by others.
  • To develop and coordinate local research competencies and environments to strengthen national coherence in the field of cancer
  • To appoint centres and organisations to DCCC

Members of the Steering Commitee

Anne Bukh, formandAnne Bukh (Chair), DMSc, MD, CEO Health Care, The North Denmark Region, mail: 

Cai Grau, formand for fagligt udvalgCai Grau (Chair of the Scientific Council), MD, Professor, Consultant, Aarhus University Hospital

Anders H. Lund, Professor, Director of Biotech and Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC), University of Copenhagen

Claus ThomsenClaus Thomsen, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Aarhus University Hospital

Erik Jylling, MD, Executive Vice President Health Politics, Danish Regions 

Helene Bilsted ProbstHelene Bilsted Probst, Director General, Danish Health Authority

Henrik Ditzel, MD, Professor, Consultant, Head of Department of Molecular Medicine, Cancer and Inflammation Research, University of Southern Denmark and Head of Research, Department of Oncology, OUH

Ismail GögenurIsmail Gögenur, MD, Professor and Consultant at Department of Surgery, Department of Clinical Medicine, Copenhagen University Hospital, Roskilde and Koege

Jesper Fisker, Director of the Danish Cancer Society

Jørgen Frøkiær, Head of Department, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University

Styregruppe_Michael Braûner Schmidt_beskåret.pngMichael Braüner Schmidt, Medical Director, Aalborg University Hospital

Morten LMorten Ladekarl, Professor, Department of Oncology, Aalborg University Hospital

Randi Munch Krogsgaard, patient representative

Per JørgensenPer Jørgensen, MD, Deputy Chief Executive, Rigshospitalet

Peter-Sorensen_profil_sh.jpgPeter Sørensen, Medical Director, Hospital Sønderjylland