Danish Research Centre for Equality in Cancer focuses on the development of clinical interventions that will benefit all cancer patients including socially vulnerable patients. Social inequality in cancer survivorship is a growing problem. Patients with lower education levels, low income and patients that live alone have poorer chances of survival than highly educated and wealthier patients, who are in relationships. The social inequality is documented at all steps in the course of cancer disease, from primary prevention to examination, diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and palliation. 

The research centre has gathered scientific experts within the fields of anthropology, psychology, cancer treatment, rehabilitation, palliation and epidemiology to develop interventions to counteract social inequality in the course of cancer and to ensure that all cancer patients get through their treatment and following courses in the best way possible. 

The centre is located at Zealand University Hospital and managed by Professor Susanne Oksbjerg Dalton. 


Susanne Dalton
Professor, Head of Centre

Gunn Ammitzbøll