The national research center DCCC Radiotherapy provides a unique platform for research and knowledge sharing to support and further advance the strong position of Danish radiotherapy. The center encompasses all cancer departments in Denmark treating patients with radiotherapy as well as the Center for Nuclear Technologies at DTU Nutech, The Danish Centre for Particle Therapy at Aarhus University Hospital and all Danish universities. DCCC Radiotherapy is a part of Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC) and is supported by the Danish Cancer Society.

Radiotherapy is a non-invasive, gentle and effective treatment offered with either curative intent or as palliative care to about half of all cancer patients during their course of disease. The research in the center is organised in 29 different work groups and the center facilitates national collaboration on many different research projects within physics, biology and clinic with the common aim of improving cancer treatment while reducing unwanted side effects. Furthermore, the research center has a strong association with the Danish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups in the implementation of clinical protocols.

The research center is directed by Professor Cai Grau, Aarhus University Hospital. Professor Stine Korreman, Aarhus University Hospital, is coordinating the research projects in basic and translational research and Professor Jesper Grau Eriksen, Aarhus University Hospital, is coordinating the clinical research projects. In conjunction with Louise Vagner Laursen, administrative coordinator, they are responsible for daily management and administration of the center.

A steering committee, which consists of one representative from each of the participating institutions, as well as an International Advisory Board consisting of five internationally recognized researchers in the field of radiotherapy, have been associated to the research center. In total, more than 150 active researchers and clinicians are affiliated with the research center.

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VIDEO: Radiotherapy in Denmark (2019)

Radiotherapy is an area of intensive research and Denmark is among the front-runners. Listen to Professor, Consultant and Chair of DCCC Radiotherapy Cai Grau speak about radiotherapy in Denmark and Professor Morten Høyer of the Danish Centre of Particle Therapy speak about what the future will bring. Emma Riis Skarsø shares her experiences as a patient.