Since 2016, twelve national research centres have been established in collaboration between Danish Cancer Society, Danish Regions and DCCC. The centres are hubs for coordinating and initiating national research collaborations and conducting nationwide and internationally acknowledged research. The objectives of the national centres are to strengthen Danish cancer research and collect data about development and implementation of new knowledge within the field.

Another important purpose for the national research centres is to ensure dissemination of new knowledge and new treatment methods more systematically across the country to enable access for patients to the latest treatment advances in cancer.

The national research centres are formally part of the Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center, which implies that:

  • The research conducted has national aims and is embedded nationwide
  • The centres work as platforms for national collaboration and sharing of knowledge and new research achievements
  • The management of the national research centres are represented in the Scientific Council, that acts as a driver for activities in the partnerships and networks of DCCC

The centres are supported by the Danish Cancer Society's "Knæk Cancer" funds, generally for a five year period. The research centres are organised across Danish regions and specialties for the benefit of all cancer patients in Denmark.

Read more about research and organisation in each centre on the subsites.

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