Received grant in 2018

The ambition of the network is to create greater knowledge and implement a national strategy for the majority of Danish cancer patients: the elderly. The network will focus on oncogeriatrical issues to help older cancer patients to receive optimal and individual courses based on their personal resources and wishes. One way to realise this, is by formulating new interdisciplinary research projects.

Project stakeholders

Central Region Denmark:

  • Marianne Ørum
  • Lone Winther Lietzen
  • Lisbeth Kaasgaard Madsen
  • Ane Borgbjerg Verholt

The Capital Region of Denmark:

  • Cecilia Lund
  • Troels G. Dolin
  • Charlotte Suetta

The Region of Southern Denmark:

  • Jesper Ryg
  • Ann-Kristine Weber Giger
  • Katja Thomsen

Central Region Denmark

  • Gabor Liposits
  • Eva Boysen

The Capital Region of Denmark

  • Dorte Nielsen
  • Kirsten Vistisen
  • Maria Hejl Kristensen

The Region of Southern Denmark

  • Trine Lembrecht Jørgensen, Speciality Registrar. Primary contact, mail:
  • Marianne Ewertz
  • Stefan S. Jeppesen
  • Stine Brændegaard Winther
  • Henrik Ditzel

Region Zealand

  • Jørn Herrstedt

The North Denmark Region

  • Svetlana Kunwald

Other specialties
The Capital Region of Denmark

  • Bolette Danckert (Danish Cancer Society)
  • Lærke Winther

Central Region Denmark

  • Henry Nielsen

The Region of Southern Denmark

  • Eva Jespersen
  • Lisbeth R. Minet
  • Henrik Eshøj
  • Jacob Hjelmborg 


DCCC Age seminar, February 25th to 26th, 2019