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DCCC National Research Center for Radiotherapy


The aim of the joint efforts will be to incorporate age, gender, comorbidities, previous surgery and use of systemic antineoplastic therapies, to gain a deeper insight in the complex physiological interaction of the anatomical structures, to identify appropriate morbidities with the highest value for the patients, to evaluate the importance of genomic information and to integrate these factors into the NTCP models for patient selection. Furthermore, we should ensure that the normal tissue sparing by protons is not be on the expense of a reduced probability of cure. Model based selection will play an important role in selection of patients for advanced cancer therapies and it is therefore crucial that the concerns are addressed both in the future research.

Primær kontaktpersoner:
Ivan Richter Vogelius, professor, MD, onkologisk afdeling, Rigshospitalet
Morten Høyer, professor, MD, DCPT, Aarhus Universitetshospital

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DCCC National Research Center for Radiotherapy