Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC) currently reports news about initiatives and arrangements hosted by DCCC.

Please find below selected internationally relevant news: 

  • 02-10-2018

    The conference Danish Cancer Research Days in the last part of August was a success with fruitful professional discussions, knowledge sharing and a high number of participants, the organisers behind the conference as well as participants agreed. The next step is to continue the work to strengthen the national collaboration on cancer. 

  • 21-09-2018

    At the recent Danish Cancer Research Days, Mette Tranberg presented her research on an HPV home test, which makes more women participate in the screening programme for cervical cancer. 

  • 21-09-2018

    At the recent Danish Cancer Research Days, Siv Lykke Jørgensen presented her research on robotic surgery as a safe treatment with fewer complications in early stages of cancer of the uterus. This presentation won a poster award from the organisers of the conference, Danish Cancer Research Center (DCCC) and Danish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups (DMCG.dk).

  • 06-03-2018

    Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC) has allocated DKK 1.2 million to nine projects and networks strengthening cancer research and treatment in Denmark

  • 09-02-2018

    The Danish Health Authority will administrate a total of DKK 60 million, allocating DKK 15 million each year from 2018 to 2021 involving Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC).

  • 07-02-2018

    Danish Cancer Research Days is a new, national initiative from DCCC - Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center and DMCG.dk (Danish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups), the purpose of which is for clinicians, scientists and researchers to meet across disciplines and to bring basic and clinical research closer together.

  • 05-01-2018

    Many things have happened since the Danish government decided to establish the Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC) in November 2016, to strengthen cancer research and treatment in Denmark.

  • 04-12-2017

    One of the first initiatives of Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC) in 2017 was to assign an annual amount to support establishment of national, interdisciplinary environments and networks as well as to develop interdisciplinary qualifying initiatives.