Photo: DKD 2023. Jesper Balleby

Danish Cancer Research Days 2024 

Registration for the largest interdisciplinary cancer research conference in Denmark is open. We're excited to welcome you for two days focused on the smartest approaches to prioritization in cancer research and treatment.

The landscape of cancer research and treatment is in a state of constant evolution, with new technologies and therapies rapidly reshaping the options available to us and the care we extend to our patients. Amidst this dynamic environment, it becomes increasingly clear that setting priorities is essential. Yet, the question remains: what should these priorities be, and how can we allocate our resources wisely?

These crucial deliberations will take center stage as DCCC and extend a warm invitation to clinicians, researchers, patient associations, and decision-makers within the cancer community to join us at Denmark's premier cancer research conference. Participants will embark on a meticulously curated journey, guided by eminent professionals and thought leaders hailing from the nation's top hospitals and universities.

Independent of industry influence, our conference aims to foster dialogue on how best to assimilate new knowledge and foster collaboration, all with the ultimate goal of delivering optimal care to every Danish cancer patient.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at the Danish Cancer Research Days 2024, hosted by DCCC and, scheduled for August 29-30 at ODEON, Odense.

Registration is open now!

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