Kontakt DCCC

Questions to the Secretariat

Head of Secretariat
Louise Øhlenschlæger Livijn
Phone +45 4014 1849
Mail louise.o.livijn@dccc.dk

thoeve sh.jpgQuestions to funding and organisation

Special Consultant
Thomas Evermann
Phone +45 2395 4897
Mail thomas.evermann@dccc.dk

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Questions to communication

Communication Consultant
Rasmus Kern-Jespersen
Phone +45 3029 9056
Mail Rasmus.kerrn.jespersen@dccc.dk


Questions to finance

Financial Controller
Jannie Bach Fjellerad
Phone +45 2911 5485
Mail jannie.dccc@rm.dk

Questions to the Scientific Council

Chair, Cai Grau, MD, Professor, Consultant,  Aarhus University Hospital
Mail cai.grau@rm.dk

Questions to the Steering Commitee

Chair, Anne Bukh, DMSc, MD, CEO Health Care, The North Denmark Region
Mail  a.bukh@rn.dk