Multidisciplinary / professional organisation
National collaboration between experimental cancer treatment units in Denmark in the framework of NEXT Center for Oncology and Haematology. National collaboration on bioinformatics and variant calling as well as networks within DCCC and NEXT Center for Bioinformatics.

Project description
Personalised medicine is rapidly admitted in cancer treatment and now Danish cancer patients with no other treatment options can have a genetic cancer analysis. A national panel of experts can hereafter recommend the patient an experimental treatment directly targeted at specific gene changes. Nevertheless, the access to targeted treatments and knowledge about the most effective medicine is lacking.

We will initiate a clinical test of approved, targeted treatments where patients are offered personalised therapy determined by the result of a genetic cancer analysis.

Primary contact
Morten Mau-Sørensen,

Participating parts
International collaborators
Emilie de Voest, NKI, PI of the Dutch Rediscovery Trial (DRUP)

Participants in the research project
University Hospital Rigshospitalet
Professor, Head of Department Ulrik Lassen; Department of Oncology
Chief Physician Kristoffer Rohrberg; The Phase I Unit, Department of Oncology
Senior Specialist Registrar Iben Spanggaard, The Phase I Unit, Department of Oncology
Chief Physician Martin Hutchings, The Phase I Unit, Department of Oncology and Department of Hematology
Professor, Head of Department Finn Cilius Nielsen; Department of Genomic Medicine
Head of the NGS facility Olga Østrup; Department of Genomic Medicine
Chief Physician Eric Santoni-Rugiu; Department of Pathology
Chief Physician Jane Preuss Hasselby; Department of Pathology

Aarhus University Hospital
Head of Research, Professor Signe Borgquist; Department of Oncology
Chief Physician Morten Ladekarl; Department of Oncology
Chief Physician Britt Elmedahl Laursen; MOMA
Associate Professor Nicolai Birkbak, MOMA
Professor Francesco d’Amore; Department of Hematology
Professor Torben Steinicke; Department of Pathology

Odense University Hospital
Professor Marianne Ewertz; Department of Oncology
Chief Physician, Head of Experimental Unit, Karin Holmskov Hansen; Department of Oncology
Senior Specialist Registrar Annette Raskov Kodahl; Department of Oncology
Professor Bjarne Winther Kristensen; Department of Pathology
Professor Thomas Kielsgaard Kristensen; Department of Pathology
Professor, Head of Research Henrik Ditzel; Department of Oncology
Professor Niels Abildgaard; Department of Hematology
Herlev-Gentofte University Hospital
Professor Dorte Nielsen; Department of Oncology
Senior Physician Rikke Eefsen; Department of Oncology
Professor Estrid Høgdahl; Department of Pathology

Lillebaelt Hospital, Vejle
Consultant, Ass. Professor Lars Henrik Jensen; Department of Oncology
Registrar Louise Raunkilde Larsen; Department of Oncology
Molecular Biologist Rikke Fredslund Andersen; Department of Clinical Biochemistry

Aalborg University Hospital
Professor Ursula Falkmer; Department of Oncology
Head of Department Paw Jensen; Department of Hematology
Associate professor, senior speciality registrar Anne Stidsholt Roug; Department of Hematology
Professor Karen Dybkær; Department of Hematology