Dorte Schou Nørøxe og andre mingler i pausen til kick off for hjerneforskningscenter. Foto Jesper Egholm_700_374.jpg

Participants mingled at the new research center's kick-off meeting. Photo: Jesper Egholm.


A to-day event has taken place in the center of Copenhagen on September 10-11, 2021 - the Kick Off Meeting held by The DCCC Brain Tumor Center.


DCCC Brain Tumor Center brought together a great deal of dedicated scientists sharing the same goals: to improve survival and quality of life for brain tumor patients.

Also, The DCCC Brain Tumor Center’s International Scientific Advisory Board participated, being a great inspiration for others by sharing their knowledge, giving plenary lectures within their respective specialties.

Furthermore, Chair of the “Hjernetumorforeningen”, (The Danish Brain Tumor Association) shared her perspectives on patients and relatives.

Ulrik Lassen, Director of DCCC Danish Center for Targeted treatment of Primary Brain Tumors, welcomes all participants at the kick off-meeting on September 10.-11. in Copenhagen. Photo: Jesper Egholm.

During the meeting, all work packages were presented by the respective Principal Investigators, and in the digital booklet you find the latest abstracts from all the work packages along with contact information on the Principal Investigators and other participants in the Kick Off Meeting.

DCCC Brain Tumor Center will continue annual meetings. In addition we plan to organize symposia supporting our goals and support further collaboration on both a national and international level.

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The new research centre's focus is brain cancer among adult patients. The most common tumour forms are gliomas, and gliomas are categorised as low-grade or high-grade. The higher grade, the poorer the prognosis. Survival among patients with the most aggressive – and most common – type of brain cancer, glioblastoma, has not changed significantly over the last 15 years. Half of the patients diagnosed die within 20 months – and the five-year survival is just 10 percent.

Therefore, the centre's overall aim is to improve and thus prolong survival.

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