Please find below selected internationally relevant news about initiatives and events from Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC). 

  • 07-09-2022


    The possibility of more targeted individualised treatment of breast cancer-related lymphedema and the use of a new biomarker to support treatment decisions related to recurrence of ovarian cancer are the themes of the two award winners Caroline Lilja and Louise Faaborg. 

  • 18-08-2022


    More than 500 clinicians, researchers, patients and decision-makers will meet on 25-26 August for Danish Cancer Research Days 2022. Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke opens the conference.

  • 18-03-2022


    Over one hundred times, the Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center, DCCC, has now supported activities that promote collaboration and knowledge sharing broadly in the field of cancer. It has resulted in over a hundred both large and small contributions to cross-disciplinary collaborations - and strengthened infrastructure for research across the country. DCCC's pool has reached a milestone.

  • 20-01-2022


    A new national research center is taking its first steps across the field of cancer surgery these months. The Danish Research Center for Cancer Surgery, ACROBATIC, will improve surgery for most cancers and promote collaboration and sharing of 'know-how' between the various parts of a cancer course. A focus on the development of cancer surgery has long been in demand in surgical circles, and now the center is a reality.

  • 17-12-2021


    Between 20 and 30% of patients with colorectal cancer experience relapse - but we do not know which patients. To increase chances of survival, it is important to detect the cancer faster. Tenna Vesterman Henriksen on being able to identify patients at risk of relapse.

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