Purpose of DCCC


Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC) gathers management and leading, professional experts in the field of cancer. Together they strive to create the best conditions for Danish cancer research and treatment by promoting collaboration and coordination in cancer research and by increasing access to international funding and partnerships. Moreover, DCCC will contribute to spread new knowledge and treatment faster and more systematically across the country to shorten the path from research to clinical practice. The aim of DCCC is to contribute to optimise cancer treatment in Denmark.

The purpose of DCCC is clarified in four specific aims.

  • Strengthening of national collaborations within the field of cancer across basic research, translational research, clinical research, epidemiology and daily clinical practice
  • Fast translation of research results into clinical practice to enable fast access for patients to the latest treatment advances in cancer
  • Improve and standardise the quality of cancer treatment 
  • Attracting external funding and expertise