About DCCC

Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC) is a national, binding collaboration on cancer research and treatment, and organised as a national center with a Governance Board, Steering Committee, Scientific Council, and Secretariat. The centre's professional foundation is solid and differentiated as well as strongly anchored in regional- and university management systems.

The managerial responsibility for accepting and initiating initiatives, which support DCCC's objectives, lie within the Steering Committee. The Scientific Council functions as motor in the collaboration, and contributes to development of new regional or national initiatives promoting Danish cancer research, prevention, and treatment. The Governance Board consists of the five region chief executives within the area of health and is authorised to make national decisions in the area of health in Denmark. The board is the top decision-making authority in DCCC.

Chair of Steering Commitee

Anne Bukh_95X135_SH_Torben.jpg

Anne Bukh

Chair of Scientific Council

Henrik Frederiksen

Head of Secretariat

Louise Øhlenschlæger Livijn