Founded via the terms of reference of the DCCC in 2021

CART-T cell treatment is a growing new form of treatment and has great potential in Denmark within Acute Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Multiple myeloma. In the coming years, T-cell-based immunotherapy is also likely to be used in certain solid tumor forms.

CAR-T is a new and complicated type of treatment that requires national coordination and cooperation. Among other things, there are very high requirements for certifications of laboratories from the commercial manufacturers in order for the treatment to be offered.

Treatments developed by research in Denmark, so-called academically produced treatment, the network expects to have lower costs for commissioning both financially and logistically.

In Denmark, treatment with CAR-T has been challenged by the strict requirements for certifications, and the development is not as fast as desired. Under the auspices of the DCCC, an initiative has therefore been taken to establish a national network for CAR-T cell treatment. The intention is to bring together non-commercial professional interests to ensure evidence-based, consistent and rapid deployment and dissemination of CAR-T cell treatment and follow-up.

The network will work to ensure

  • Development of academically produced CAR-T cells for clinical testing as well as testing of both academically and commercially developed treatment in investigator-initiated clinical protocols. There is also a desire to set up a joint biobank that supports academic and clinical work.
  • national guidelines and visitation that ensure uniform selection of patients where a good effect is expected as well as uniform treatment, monitoring and follow-up
  • participation and securing teaching, dissemination and the establishment of a knowledge bank are particularly central to a complex area, and are important mechanisms that ensure effective development.
  • gathered in one national network, research and development in Denmark will be stronger in international cooperation with both commercial and non-commercial interests.

The network will therefore take care of:

  • Primary contact with and advice from authorities.
  • Establishment and maintenance of clinical database as well as securing national Multidisciplinary Team Conferences (MDT).
  • Funding of activities that are implemented under the auspices of the network.
  • Contribute to teaching, dissemination and establishment as well as maintenance of a knowledge bank.

The network is open to all non-commercial interests, and is established as an umbrella organisation under the DCCC.

CAR-T Treatment

CAR-T is a T cell-based immunotherapy. The T cells are drawn from the patient's blood and are genetically modified and activated to attack cancer cells. Thereafter, the activated T cells return to the patient's bloodstream.

You can find more information at Danish Cancer society, click here

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