Dato & tid: 22. -23. maj 2023
Sted: Sandbjerg Gods
Ansøgning: via dette link, klik her
10. marts 2023
Arrangør: Graduate School of Health, Aarhus Universitet
Kursusansvarlig: Claus Lindbjerg Andersen fra DCCC ctDNA Forskningscenter
Administrator: Annette Poulsen

OBS: dette arrangement er på engelsk

The biology of cell free and circulating tumor DNA
This module will provide the audience with a fundamental understanding of the biology of cell free and circulating tumor DNA and how working with these opens new possibilities in research and the clinic. The lectures will cover: The cellular origin of the cell free DNA circulating in plasma of healthy and diseased individuals (Somatic mosaism, Chronic/acute diseases, Cancer, Age), mechanisms of how DNA is released to the circulation, circulating cell free DNA and tumor DNA during the course of disease and strengths and weakness of markers of cfDNA and ctDNA, including: Methylation, Mutations, Copy number variations, Fragmentation patterns, Fragment size, Mitochondrial DNA copies, Microbiome DNA

The course C304/03 The biology and characteristic of circulating cell free DNA and circulating tumor DNA in health and disease is being offered by the Graduate School of Health, Aarhus University, 2023.

Criteria for participation
The course is constructed and executed such that both participants with medical and science/technology backgrounds will benefit from the course.

You must write a short application to be accepted for attendance at the course. 
This application shall state why the applicant wishes to attend, the level of background knowledge, and the purpose of taking the course. The size of the application is limited to 2500 characters (including spaces).  The purpose of the application is to enable prioritization of motivated applicants with urgent needs for the course.

Your application must be sent to Course administrator on mail: courses.nat.tech.he@au.dk before 10 March 2023.

Read about the course here: Course information